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The progressive rise in life expectancy in the UK, as in other developed countries, means that there are many more people who are older than 65. At the same time, the number of care homes in the UK has decreased by more than 50% in the last decade, from approximately 46,500 facilities to about 21,000, as a result of the government’s decision in 2008 to largely stop subsidizing care homes. These two factors when put together have led to a high increase in demand - and, in turn, created this outstanding investment opportunity. 


Why Invest in Care Homes?


Care home investments are suitable for investors looking to expand their portfolios, or for those that are attracted to ethical investments - one that aligns with personal principles or contributes to societal and environmental causes. Care homes are also a perfect investment opportunity for buy-to-let investors as they offer regular income payments with no ongoing fees and are fully asset-backed.

The large growth opportunity in this investment option is largely down to the current high demand within the UK care home sector, which is due to an increasingly ageing population. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) predicts that circa 20.7% of the UK’s population will be over the age of 65 by 2027, and this is simply a demand in which the government are struggling to keep up with when it comes to providing the elderly with care and accommodation.

As a hands-off, high-yield investment, investing in care homes is a wise choice for many. The healthcare sector offers diversification as well as a constant, solid investment rationale. As a popular alternative to standard buy-to-let property, care home investment also comes with a promising outlook and low volatility thanks to exceptionally high demand and low supply. Many investors also appreciate the opportunity to invest in a physical asset without any need to manage tenants or pay high agency commissions.

If we look more closely at the supply-demand argument, the case for care homes becomes even stronger. The UK has an ageing population, and the over-85 age group are the fastest growing demographic. Thanks to key advances in modern medicine as well as increased awareness of the need to adopt healthy habits throughout our lives, life expectancy are growing all the time. However, the increase in life expectancy has also seen a sharp rise in the number of elderly people who are “highly dependent”.

As Britain's population ages and the shortage of available bed spaces in care homes persists, the demand for existing beds continues to be strong. Investors can achieve good returns whilst also making a difference to the community.

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  • Prices from £76,950

  • 21 units

  • Returns are 10% paid quarterly for 25 years

  • 125 year lease registered with HM land registry

  • 110% buyback from year 6 increasing each year to 125% buy back at year 25

  • Huge shortage of care homes in the UK

  • Exit strategy

  • No off plan headaches

  • Immediate Income producing

Property Highlights

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Key Investment Highlights

Prices from £76,950

Immediate Income

20 rooms

Returns are 10% paid quarterly for 25 years

125 year lease registered with HM land registry

110% buyback from year 6 increasing each year to

125% buy back at year 25


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