Peniel Nursing Home, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Investment Summary

 The Peniel Nursing Home, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Britain’s population is ageing. In 2012 the number of people aged 65 and older surpassed 10m for the first time; they now outnumber those aged 16 and under.


The over 85 age group is now the fastest growing demographic in the UK, as we all live longer through improvements in our health, diets and preventative care. Over the next 20 years the age group is set to grow by 106%, to over 2.6m people. This trend will be accelerated over the coming decades by the inevitable retirement of the so-called ‘baby boomer’ generation (born when Britain experienced a markedly higher birth rate between 1946 and 1964). Those born at this time are now beginning to reach retirement age and are set to have a dramatic effect on the people, society, and the economy of the UK.


With this dramatic population change comes an increasing demand for specialist dementia and nursing care. There are currently over 800,000 people living with dementia – a figure that will rise to 1m by 2021, and more than double by 2050.

RB Care Homes - The Developers


RB Care Homes are a team of specialists who have experience in the care home sector spanning 35 years. they have consulted on and managed over 210 care homes in the UK and Europe across 44 different providers.


RB Care homes are not newly built empty developments. They only purchase pre-existing care homes that are both operational and occupied, therefore there is no risk to investors that the ‘development’ is not completed. They will be carrying out works on the care home to maximize its potential to offer premium levels of care.

 Investment Highlights


  • Fully managed and furnished care home suite from

  • 8-10% assured NET returns per annum (% is dependent on sum invested and/or years owned, see fact sheet)

  • Guaranteed developer buyback of 9-40% (3, 5, 9, 15 & 20 YEARS)

  • Returns paid quarterly from purchase

  • Weekly care home charges start at £750

  • No ongoing costs to pay

  • 125-year lease registered with Land Registry

  • Developer to retain 35% stake in each care home

  • Care homes in growing need with ageing population


 Property Overview

  • Recession-proof / Ethical investment

  • No maintenance & ground rent

  • Assessed care is inevitably required

  • Room variants depending on investment levels (£75,000 and up)

  • High Demand for beds / locations.

  • Expected to exceed 40,000 by 2020

  • Specialized fit-for-purpose buildings & equipment

  • Qualified & experienced management team

  • Multi-faceted specialist service offerings (residential, nursing, dementia & mental health, and learning disability)

  • Fully assessed and bespoke care packages designed for Dementia

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