Loan Notes allow investors to benefit from the strength of the UK’s property market – but investing with smaller amounts. While traditional buy-to-let investment affords investors the chance to seek out greater returns by capitalizing on below market value assets, favorable lending rates, and continuing under supply, the rate of return remains uncertain. By comparison, Loan Note Investments offer a fixed rate of return, agreed via contract prior to the investment being made. For example Empire Property provided investors with a fixed return starting from 10%, plus annual bonuses, for the length of the investment term – 27.2% returns paid out. Unlike many traditional property investments, Loan Notes are also able to provide a clear and predetermined exit strategy for investors. As they are not dependent on the ongoing sale of a property, the execution of a developer call option, or even the construction of an asset, investors enter a Loan Note Investment with a certainty of when the investment term will end – and more importantly, at which points they can exercise their right to exit the investment.

•  20% Income option 24 months
•  24% Growth option 24 months
•  Proven Developers
•  1st legal charge
•  Entry Level

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