UK Residential Bond

Investment Summary

Thsi is an established property investment and development company where individual investors can directly benefit from the experience of an expert team who will buy, refurbish and sell UK residential property.


The first 18 months of the investment term have already completed successfully with investor’s receiving their interest on time and in full every three months. This is coupled with audited financial statements distributed in 2014, confirming that interest was paid from profit.


Highly professional and very effective


Due to the success so far, popularity surrounding this investment has increased significantly, and the investment is only open for a limited time further. Once the targeted sum of investment capital is reached then no further investments will be accepted. Please therefore do not delay as it is rare that such an offer comes to market which is already established and underway.


We have had particularly positive feedback from our investors who have enjoyed being able to log on to the website of our partnering investment company, and view details of every single property purchased and sold.


Despite the high return, security is of the utmost importance in this investment, hence ·secured corporate bonds· are issued with a charge over the underlying property assets.


This included address, postcode, a financial summary and before and after pictures of the refurbishment undertaken. It is one of the most transparent investments that we have ever been involved with!


As the developers are in the final period for new investments being accepted, it is possible to achieve an annual ROI of upto 12%.


Needless to say that it won’t be long before this opportunity is no longer available.


Despite the high return security is of the utmost importance in every investment hence ·secured corporate bonds· are issued with a charge over the underlying property assets.


Investment Key Features



    Minimum investment sum of £50,000


    Hands-off investment


    Full return of capital distributed projected Dec 2018


    Team with experience of over 3,000 transactions


    Quarterly interest payments


    Complete transparency through audited accounts


    A proven track record


    Option to invest through a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) or cash


A full investment prospectus is available for review should you wish to undertake further due diligence. Our partnering investment company are also willing to make previous annual accounts available and give temporary access to their intranet system so that you can see the level of transparency before you invest.


What Next?


For detailed information on this investment please contact us by filling out the form or calling us +44 (0)203 432 5474 We can send you:


  • Comprehensive Investor Report.

  • Availability, Price List. Bond types

  • Full Due Diligence Reports

  • If you wish to reserve online please request the reservation form.

  • Please ask us any questions you may have by email or by telephone.



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