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Investment Summary

 HJ Collection Property Loan Note


HJ Collection is set to revolutionize the asset-backed loan note market by introducing a managed Property Bond portfolio comprising of multiple developers, and therefore multiple projects, across the UK. This diversifies risk and enhances the potential for superior returns.

With the recent changes to the tax treatment of buy- to-let investments, we genuinely believe that, for a great many people, property-backed loan notes are the smarter alternative, offering investors high fixed returns with the security of ‘bricks and mortar’ asset-backing.

HJ Collection brings additional innovation to the buoyant Property Bond market and so, as I’m sure you can appreciate, we are genuinely excited about this new approach to what is already an attractive and convenient route to the healthy returns available from the UK property sector.

Property remains one of the most popular forms of investing for consumers, given the returns available in the UK market – and Property Bonds are one of the most attractive options for gaining access, quickly and easily, to that sector without the many downsides of direct property ownership.


The developers vision is to assist small to medium sized property developers in addressing the UK’s burgeoning housing crisis, whilst delivering double-digit returns. The developers vision is to develop desirable, affordable living spaces through an intelligent and innovative approach to urban regeneration.

Established in 2013, their experienced and proactive team of industry professionals are proud of its extensive industry experience in this area, having raised and deployed £50 million in private investment for a wide range of property development businesses.

  Track Record

A track record of previous developments they have funded over recent years, and which give a good indication of type, size, location, value and, most importantly, the investment return can be provided.


The previous five developments formed a single asset-backed loan note which was recently redeemed, delivering a 27.2% return to investors over a two-year term, equivalent to 13% pa gross with all investors paid out.



  • Growth option: 24% payable after 24 months

  • Income option: 10% payable after 12 months; 5% after 18 months; 5% after 24 months

  • Diversification – multiple developers and developments

  • Asset-backed security via a legal first charge

  • Independent FCA- Regulated Security Trustee acting on behalf of investors

  • No added fees or charges

  • No Stamp Duty



  • Minimum investment: £10,000

 Next Step?


For detailed information on this investment please contact us by filling out the form below or calling us +44 (0)208 808 9825 We can send you:

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  • Please note this is only for High Network Individuals or Sophisticated investors

  • Please ask us any questions that you may have!

Disclaimer - This is a product available for sophisticated investors or High Network individuals. You will be required to complete a suitability questionnaire and sign a declaration that you are a suitable investor for this type of product before investing.




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